Funny Yoga Poses For Instagram

Ten Funny Yoga Poses And How You Can Capture Them For Instagram

Yoga provides us with a time for mindfulness. It is a time for unwinding your mind from the day's events and your body from the stresses we place on it daily. As we bend, stretch, twist and fold, we create a more limber and flexible body and mind. However, as yogis, we are also reminded that we should practice yoga with a smile on our faces and that we should have an ease of being about ourselves and our movements. As you think of yoga in this context, here are ten funny poses that you can try and some suggestions as to how you can manage a selfie in the process.

Standing Poses

Forward Fold

A simple forward fold is when you lean over the length of your legs to reach the floor. The most experienced yogis will be able to put their hands flat on the floor. While this pose may not seem funny from the yogis perspective, think of it from the observer's point of view. Here you are with your rear end high in the air as you reach for the ground. If you can manage a selfie, think of putting your camera on a timer while you look between your legs.

Eagle Pose

This advanced pose is not for the faint of heart. Take one arm over the other in front of you with bent arms. Place the top arm in the crook of the lower arm and wrap your forearms and hands around to meet each other. Once you have completed that, sit back on your legs like you are about to do chair pose but this time, wrap your legs around each other similar to your arms. Now sit back and relax. As your hands wrap around one another, try to manage to hold your camera steady as you take a snapshot.

Yoga Squat or Malasana Squat

The yoga squat is performed by simply widening your feet to the width of the mat and with your feet turned out, sitting down in a squatting position. Gently bring your elbows to the insides of your knees and your palms into prayer position. To the casual observer, you may be looking like someone thinking real hard about going to the bathroom. Take this picture from overhead to get the full effect of the squat.

Bird of Paradise

This pose can be slightly complicated. Starting in Warrior II, with one leg bent and the other straight out behind you, lower your upper body toward your bent knee and twist toward the ceiling. Wrap one arm under your bent leg and the other around your back until your hand's interlock. Slowly pull your straight leg toward your body until you are comfortable putting all your supporting weight on it and raise your bent leg in the air while remaining in your bind. If you can straighten the leg in the air. If you are thinking of snapping a picture of this one, try doing this in front of a mirror and using the hand behind your back to take the picture.

Goddess Pose

With your legs opened wide, the length of the mat, squat down about 12 inches until your knees are over your ankles. Next take your arms wide and hinge them at the elbows toward the ceiling. These are also known as cactus arms. With a camera in one hand, this is a great pose to take in front of a mirror to get the full effect.

Poses Lying Down

Happy Baby

As you lay on your back, take hold of the inside of the arches of your feet, bend your knees and rock from side to side. This position massages the lower portion of your back but also makes it look like you can't get up like you are a beetle on its back. This makes a great picture from below. There is nothing funnier than you on your back with your legs in the air like a truly happy baby.

Turtle Pose

Sit on the floor with outstretched legs, the distance of the mat or wider. Slowly lean forward over your legs until your chest is on the floor. Once you have achieved this, place both arms under your legs and if you can reach behind you so your hands are on your rear end. To take this picture, try setting up your camera in front of you on the ground with a timer. Look straight ahead and say cheese.

Plow Pose

As you lie on your back, slowly lift your legs over your head. Continue to lift your legs back over your head until you feel your knees reach the floor by your ears. Your rear end will lift high into the sky as the tops of your feet rest comfortably on the floor and you peek through between your knees. Now is the time to reach for a camera as you take your selfie from behind your legs and between your knees.

Fish Pose

As you lie on your back, pull your arms underneath you so you are resting on your forearms. Lift your chest high and throw your head back so you are looking at the wall behind you. You can move your forearms underneath your rear end for comfort. This pose is known as a heart opener or opening up of your chest. Set your camera up against the wall as you look at it from upside down. Now make a fish face!

Legs Up The Wall

This pose is exactly what it sounds like. You lie on your back with your rear end scooted into the crook where the wall meets the floor. You put your legs high up in the air. Now for the full effect, take a picture of your toes. This pose helps relieve any stress in your hamstrings or swelling in your feet.

Enjoy your yoga. It's a time for fun and self-exploration. Next time you think about doing yoga, reach for your camera and see if you can catch yourself in the act having fun.


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