Why Spending Time with Animals Is Beneficial For Your Health

Why Spending Time with Animals Is Beneficial For Your Health


Anxiety and stress are a way of life; however, we must find ways to handle it in a healthy way. Many people would agree that spending time with animals - pets or otherwise - brings immediate joy, comfort, and instantly reduces stress and anxiety. Animals give unconditional love. They are always there for us in our times of need, they are non-judgmental, and they are our instant best friends for life.

While companion animals or pets are a great source of comfort and security, they do more than just that. Recent studies have also scientifically shown the benefits of maintaining that human-animal bond in terms of health. 


For those wondering just how having interaction with animals can be therapeutic to one's health, let's take a look. Pets offer the basic need of connection and touch. They are excellent motivators for people, helping us to lead mentally healthier lives. Having a pet can have a calming effect on a person who is suffering from depression. Playing with, petting, and caring for a pet helps a person relax and gives them purpose. Dog owners have the added advantage of needing to take their dogs outside on a daily basis, giving them the opportunity to socialize with others. This may help relieve a sense of isolation and boost a person's mood.

Animals are also beneficial to the health of children with autism or ADHD. They help with a child's self-confidence, and the responsibility of caring for them is great for learning responsibility. Dogs and horses have both been used to benefit children with autism, as they find being around and working with animals to be extremely comforting. 

Let's explore some other reasons why hanging out with animals is beneficial to your health.

They Get You Outside

Often, people who suffer from depression and many other illnesses spend limited time outdoors, reducing sun exposure. Sun and fresh air both boost your mood, and the sunshine gives you a dose of vitamin D. This helps fight not only depression, but conditions such as cancer, obesity, and heart attacks. Visiting an animal reserve, seeing animals in their natural setting, horseback riding, walking a dog, or any outdoor activity that involves animals is therapeutic. 

Animals Can Build Immunity

While many people believe the opposite to be true, people who spend time interacting with animals have stronger immune systems. Studies have proven that children who were exposed to animals as babies have a lesser chance of developing asthma and allergies later in life. Asthma causes insomnia, which leads to depression, and other mental health issues.


Animals Prevent You from Feeling Lonely

It is a known fact that loneliness can not only hurt, but it can lessen one's lifespan, and cause a variety of health issues. There is no better way to relieve a sense of loneliness that to interact with animals on a regular basis. Something as simple as volunteering at a local shelter can have a positive impact on a person's mental and physical health. We tend to develop relationships with animals. When we talk to them, we feel as if they are listening to what we say. Animals are a great source of much-needed therapy for anyone!

They Bring a Smile to Your Face

You never know when an animal is going to do something extremely funny or cute. This results in a smile or a laugh from you, raising serotonin or dopamine levels, and resulting in calmness and happiness. Having a cat fall asleep in your lap, or watching the squirrels in your backyard chasing each other around can have a positive impact on your health. This can be good for your stress levels and even your heart health. 

Animals Help You Get More Exercise

An astonishing number of people don't get enough, if any, exercise during the day. Having a pet, or having a reason to interact with other animals results in significantly more physical activity. This helps control weight, and it lowers the risk of a stroke, diabetes, cancer, and heart attacks.

Animal Interaction Lowers Blood Pressure

This is something that not many people are aware of. Interacting with animals actually helps keep your blood pressure in check! Even those with high blood pressure levels who are taking medication can benefit from interaction with animals. Perhaps you can spend some time in the park each day watching the ducks in the pond. Sit outside and look at the birds. Anything you can do to interact with animals in their natural environment is helpful, as is simply spending time with your pet.

Animals Assist with Pain Management

Many people suffer from some sort of chronic pain, whether it be headaches, backaches, or anything else that causes physical discomfort. Spending time with animals can actually decrease our perception of pain levels. This is extremely beneficial for those who have recently undergone surgery or from those who receive ongoing medical treatments. Regardless of the type of pain or the reason for it, spending time with pets or other animals is very helpful.

Dogs Help Detect Disease

A fascinating fact about the relationship between dogs and humans is their ability to detect disease and give warnings of certain medical conditions. They can detect certain types of cancer, as well as detect a specific odor that predicts the onset of a narcolepsy attack. Dogs have the ability to detect when a migraine is going to affect someone, and they can detect an impending seizure in those with epilepsy. Many dog owners believe that their pets know when they are experiencing hypoglycemia, and are able to alert them by exhibiting behaviors such as barking and nuzzling. 

Animals are quite amazing, and interaction with them does wonders for a person's health. Along with keeping a person active, animals can help with the overall long-term health of anyone. There are plenty of benefits of enjoying animals on a regular basis. They bring entertainment and joy into our lives by helping us heal, benefitting our immune system, and assisting in the detection of potentially dangerous conditions. 


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