NattiD Bracelet

in collaboration with chelonii

"Doing something good for animals and nature has always been a great driving force for me, and as you know, I love fashion and design - so I am so proud and happy about this collaboration with Chelonii!"

The bracelets are handmade and adorned by light pink glass beads by Miyuki and a pendant in plated gold. Suitable to wear to everything. When you click on a bracelet from my collection, you save the lives of ten newly hatched turtles and contribute to cleaner seas. Shared love is double love - and the biggest difference we can make together. Therefore, I have produced a special offer for the purchase of two bracelets. Give a bracelet to a loved one and help save twice as many turtles while feeling the gift of giving.
The bracelet costs 149 sek (15 euro) per piece or 2 for 249 sek (25 euro.)

❤️ – Nathalie “NattiD” Danielsson

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